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What is the Twilight Wiki?

The Twilight Wiki was created to provide a place for strategy, help and guides for all Twilight guild members on the Alexstrasza (US) server.

We quickly realized that the whole WoW community could share in the benefits we in the guild enjoy from this ever evolving guide. This site, teamed with the Twilight Forum aim to provide an accurate, objective, and constantly updated source of information.

We hope to develop this site as a source of WoW information to compliment the likes of wowwiki and wowhead.

How does it work?

The Twilight Wiki works in conjunction with the Twilight Forum to make it easier to sort through and find information without having to sift through chit-chat and opinionated discussions that often deviate from the main topic.

Who edits the information?

Currently the only authorized editors of the Wiki are Twilight Guild Members with the rank of Member or above and specific authorized Wiki Contributors. Public anonymous editing is disabled to avoid outside tampering and corruption of the data contained within.


The Twilight Wiki went active on January 15, 2009. Since then it has been expanded upon to try and anticipate the needs and benefits it can offer primarily to the guild but also to the WoW public community.

Our Team

    • Shadowwolf <Designer/Editor>
    • Kothnok <Editor>
    • Fleecy <Editor>
    • Fiere <Editor>
    • Capnpop <Editor>

Special Thanks

    • Airplay <Editor>